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Collision Repair

What's worse than getting into an accident? Getting into an accident without a trusted repair. Fortunately, you won't have that problem any longer.​

AJ's Auto Body & Towing in your #1 collision repair center in Central Wisconsin. We work all makes and models in addition to all insurance companies.

Our Chief 4 Tower Drive-On Frame Rack has the capability of pulling 25 tons on each chain. Complete with computerized measuring system so we can guarantee you genuine factory specs on frame and unibody. We offer complete 4-wheel alignments with our Hunter computerized alignment machine and our DR2000 Resistance Spot Welder reproduces factory welds.

Our job is to help you make the best out of a tough situation. We take pride in every part of our service including the towing, estimate and repair. We're also the only the only nearby shop that is capable of free, mobile estimates. Plus, the towing is free when you repair your vehicle with us.

Let's get you back on the road with a car looking as good (if not better) than the day you brought it home. Count on the collision repair specialists at AJ's Auto Body! Contact us today for a free estimate.


(715) 824-3153